Transforming lives through the truth of God’s word on the Ridge and beyond.

KRGR Radio 101.3 FM is non-profit, listener supported, Low Power Radio Ministry based in Paradise, California.

Our goal is to broadcast programs that reveal the truth of God’s Word, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the goal of bringing more souls to God’s Kingdom!

Currently, we simulcast Amazing Facts TV programs, which is the broadcast ministry of Amazing Facts International. The speakers include Pastor Doug Batchelor, Pastor Steven Bohr, Pastor Shawn Boonstra, the late Pastor Joe Crews, and many others.
We also often simulcast 3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting) as well. We hope you will enjoy listening, and will learn Bible Truth that will lead you home to Jesus Christ, so you will have eternal life!
Pastor Stephen Bohr
Pastor Shawn Boonstra
Pastor Shawn Brummund
The Late Pastor Joe Crews